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Made with heart Consoles customization expert.

The embodiment of key jobs


Each system has a center, where your position is an important embodiment of the system work. It is the system needs and management needs to highlight the position.

Sedentary fatigue relief

  • 久坐的疲劳缓解

    If a long time sitting posture makes you feel uncomfortable, the safe and stable lifting function allows you to stand and operate, which may relieve some fatigue.

Rich overall color collocation


Use the world famous WILSONART series surface decoration materials to meet your demand for color. If you can, we will make the control center lively.

Solution for depth customization

  • 深度定制的解决方案

    Combined with indoor decoration environment, staff operation process, equipment specifications and user requirements and other comprehensive factors, we will develop the best console solution for you.

Combined with the design of ergonomics

  • 结合人体工程学的设计

    Combined with the structure of the human body function in the console design, reasonable coordination between human and human activities in regional scale and other aspects of the console.

Environmental quality and quality of the material

  • 环保优质的选材

    In terms of raw material selection, we carefully selected, using cold-rolled steel plates, density boards, fireproofing boards and other materials, so that the appearance, performance and technology of products can be better reflected.




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